Written Homework Assignments

No. Release Date Deadline PDF Source
1 23 Jan 7 Feb A1.pdf A1.tex
2 8 Feb 21 Feb A2.pdf A2.tex
3 22 Feb 7 March A3.pdf A3.tex
4 8 Mar 21 March A4.pdf A4.tex
5 20 Mar 4 April A5.pdf A5.tex
6 4 April 18 April A6.pdf A6.tex

Submission Instructions

Assignments are to be handed in individually.

You are required to typeset your solutions using LaTeX. You can either use a local LaTeX installation on your machine, or use Overleaf. Another (maybe easier) option for typesetting is Madoko, which is a markdown processor with immediate LaTeX support (it produces beautiful pdf and html pages). You can also write your answers in the source file that we will provide along with the PDF.

Please submit your solutions via Canvas as a single PDF file with the file name as LASTNAME_StudentNumber.pdf.

Late Assignment Submissions

Each student is allocated an automatic extension of 4 calendar days. Students can use the extension on any homework assignment in increments of 1 day. E.g., you can hand in one homework assignment 4 days late, or one assignment 2 days late and two assignments 1 day late, or 4 project assignments 1 day late. This extension is to be used for incidental occurrences, so please do not ask us for any more extensions due to any incidental circumstances.